JRI History

The Intelligent Robotics Meeting (JRI - Jornada de Robótica Inteligente) was created in 2004 to aggregate the Robotics Competition created in 2003 by SBA (Brazilian Automatic Society) and SBC (Brazilian Computer Society) to the scientific event called CSBC (Brazilian Congress of SBC) with Robocup International and IEEE support.

The Robotics Competition rose in 2003 by SBA and SBC researches desires. From that date, an agreement has been sealed to guarantee that in even years the Robotics Competition be organized with SBC events while in odd years it goes along with SBAI (an SBA event).

Since 2004, therefore, the Robotics Competition has been organized in JRI event in even years. To configure a new and a scientific event in SBC, JRI also aggregates the event called EnRI (Intelligent Robotics Meeting - Encontro de Robótica Inteligente) that encompasses scientific paper of competition and intelligent robotics research field. This year, like 2008, EnRI will be subsumed by LARS (Latin American Robotics Symposium).

An important result of the JRI creation is the definition of a Special Committee of Robotics in SBC society, called CER, which controls the JRI event. Until 2007, the JRI came along with CSBC event. From 2008, JRI happened with SBIA and SBRN, creating the Joint Conference as constitute in 2010.

The most important event of the JRI is the Robotics Competition. Nowadays it is called CBR (Brazilian Robotics Competition) and this year it will be together with LARC (Latin American Robotics Competition). It is a competition of intelligent and autonomous robots with no violence and no destruction. It intends to develop the robotics and applied artificial Intelligence in Brazil.

Robotics Competition
The Robotics Competition was created in 2003 with SBAI event. Since that date, the competition has been organized annually and reaches its 8th edition in 2010. Nowadays, the Robotics Competition is regulated by a Steering Committee called CCR (Robotics Competition Committee). This Committee is composed by SBC and SBA members.

The Robotics Competition encompasses three important competitions with its specific categories: Robocup Brazil Open (for national and international teams ; IEEE Student Robotics Competition (for undergraduated students); Brazilian Robotics Olympics (OBR) (for primary and high school students).

OBR jointed Robotics Competition in 2007. It will be its IV edition in 2010.

Săo Bernardo do Campo - SP

OCTOBER 23-28, 2010

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JRI events in the past

III JRI - Salvador -BA (2008)
II JRI - Campo Grande - MS (2006)
I JRI - Salvador - BA (2004)