LARS/EnRI Instructions for Author's Presentation
All papers must be presented by one author in a oral presentation session.
The event will provide a computer with windows installed. Each paper will have
15 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes of discussion. Please, prepare a slide show considering the time available. All files must be copied to the computer minutes before the session begins.








LARS/EnRI Accepted Papers

Friday, August 6th 2010


Accepted Papers

Predictive Control of an Omnidirectional Mobile Robot with Friction Compensation.
Andre Gustavo Scolari Conceicao, Carlos Eduardo Trabuco Dorea, Julio Barreto Sb

Map Merging strategies for Multi-robot FastSLAM: A Comparative Survey  
Victor A. Romero C.,
Oswaldo Luiz do Valle Costa

Decentralized Control of a Formation Involving a Miniature Helicopter and a Team of Ground Robots Based on Artificial Vision. 
Alexandre Santos Brandão, Jorge Sarapura, Eliete Caldeira,
Mario Sarcinelli Filho, Ricardo Carelli

Vehicle Detection and Tracking using Laser 2D.
Habermann, Claudio Garcia

Graphical Simulations of a Mobile Robot Suspended on Electric Power Using Multibody Systems Software. 
Rogério Sales Gonçalves, João Carlos Mendes Carvalho

Feature-Based Mapping using Incremental Gaussian Mixture Models.  
Milton Heinen, Paulo Engel

Exploring Microsoft Robotics Studio as a Mechanism for Service-Oriented Robotics.
Jesus Cepeda, Luiz Chaimowicz,
Rogelio Soto

Kinodynamic Motion Planning of a Skid-Steering Mobile Robot Using RRTs.
Daniel Alves Barbosa de Oliveira Vaz,
Roberto Inoue, Valdir Grassi Junior

Growing Cell Structures applyed to Sensor Fusion and SLAM.
Mônica Figueiredo,
Silvia Botelho, Celina da Rocha, Gabriel Oliveira, Paulo Lilles Drews Junior

Vision-Based Autonomous Navigation System Using ANN and FSM Control.
Daniel Sales, Patrick Shinzato,
Gustavo Pessin, Fernando Osório, Denis Wolf

Vocabulary Learning and Sound Localization in Autonomous Robots.
Emerson Oliveira,
João Queiroz, Angelo Loula

Monocular-SLAM using Floor Lines.       
André Santana, Adelardo Medeiros

Identification of Quasi-Linear Dynamic Model with Dead Zone for Mobile Robot with Differential Drive.  
Mendes, Adelardo Medeiros

Dynamic Modeling with Nonlinear Inputs and Backstepping Control for a Hexarotor Micro-Aerial Vehicle.    
, Pablo Alsina, Jes de Jesus

A smooth robot Simulator.
Rafael Pacheco, Marcelo da Silva Hounsell,
Roberto Rosso Jr., André Leal

Using Transfer Learning to Speed-Up Reinforcement Learning: a Cased-Based Approach.
Luiz Celiberto, Jackson Matsuura, Ramon de Mantaras, Reinaldo Bianchi

Image Features Analysis for Road Following Using Artificial Neural Networks.
Patrick Shinzato, Denis Wolf

Exploring Robotic In Process Of Teaching & Learning Mathematics.    

Introductory Survey to Open-Source Mobile Robot Simulation Software.
Castillo-Pizarro, Tomas Arredondo-Vidal, Miguel Torres-Torriti

An Algorithm for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Using a 3D Simulated P3DX Robot.
Costa, Jackson Matsuura, Fabiana Soares Santana, Antonio Saraiva

Navigation system for an underground distribution inspection platform using simulation.  
Emanuel Estrada, Luan Silveira,
Vinicius de Oliveira, Silvia Botelho

Performance Analysis of Path Planning Techniques Based on Potential Fields.     
Marcelo da Silva, Willian Constâncio Silva,
Roseli Francelin Romero

HW/SW Co-design Architecture for Evolutionary Robotics.
Maurício Dias, Daniel Sales, Fernando Osório

A Model-Based Fault-Tolerant Weld Line Detection for Automatic Inspection of Storage Tanks Using Visual Information and α-β Filter. 
Lucas Molina, Elyson Carvalho, Eduardo Freire, Raimundo Freire

The USPDroidsSS simulator for robot football.   
Willian Constâncio Silva, Marcelo da Silva, Raphael Montanari, Danilo Doi, Roseli Francelin Romero

TORP: An Open Standard Framework for Humanoid Robots.
Esther Colombini, Alexandre Simões, Jackson Matsuura,
Marcelo Franchin

Applications of Stochastic Approaches in Mobile Robotics: An Overview of Recent Brazilian Works.   
Marcos Alves, Leocarlos Lima,
Eduardo Freire, Elyson Carvalho, Lucas Molina




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São Bernardo do Campo - SP

OCTOBER 23-28, 2010


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